Thursday, December 2, 2010


(a word confused by colleges opposing the phrase "graduation", to eschew images of termination, hoping that the end of education is only a beginning.)

This is a blog belonging to the person known as Matt Melnicki. This is a blog that has just been born, and will continue to become, and thus there is not much to tell. Yet we all attempt to prognosticate, lest we be good Buddhists and sit and be, but then we would be being a bit lifelessly, wouldn't we? This bugger, the person Matt Melnicki, purports that this blog at blogspot/blogger, "Such a Switch!", will be candid "I am me" sorts of I-did-I-did's, whereas the other places the person Matt Melnicki places text and sentiment in are reserved for other purposes; as Buddhism and other aims of mindfulness aim to efface the ego, in the other places this person, Matt Melnicki, eschews (or, rather, tries to) all I,I,I's, all me,me,me's, all instances of making banal time-constrained perspectives of the mind inside that Matt Melnicki.

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